Interpreting IDEA Feedback Reports

Here is everything FDU Faculty, Chairs/Directors and Review Bodies need to guide you in interpreting and understanding your IDEA Feedback Reports from your FDU classes.

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First, this excellent guide provided by IDEA will help you read through your results and understand what the data mean: IDEA GUIDING QUESTIONS

We also created an FDU-specific guide here: IDEA Ref for Faculty – Evaluation Reports V01

We also created a walkthrough document (Interpretation walkthrough for evaluative purposes REVISED) with an eye for how the reports can be used for evaluative purposes. This contains information on printing your reports and how to think about raw and adjusted scores.

The walkthrough document (Interpreting an IDEA Evaluation Report for Developmental Purposes) focuses on how IDEA feedback can be used for Developmental Purposes.

Here’s all the information faculty need to know about printing and reporting their IDEA data for personnel files and personnel review.

Here are guidelines that review bodies should consider as they assess IDEA feedback as part of the personnel review process. (COMING SOON!)

Here are two archived webinars conducted by IDEA for our faculty on how to interpret IDEA results. They run about 40 minutes.

I highly recommend watching one of the webinars. By watching one of these webinars, I guarantee you will get answers to the vast majority of your questions and concerns.

For those who also had Endeavor questions added to their surveys, you can see the responses under the “Quantitative” Tab, after the IDEA questions. You can then add your scores into this excel spreadsheet (Endeavor Calculation Spreadsheet) to calculate Rapport and Pedagogy scores using the Endeavor formula.

We have created a document to help academic departments, programs and curriculum committees think about how to use IDEA Learning Objectives in a systematic way (USING IDEA FOR CURRICULUM ASSESSMENT AND DEVELOPMENT)

Finally, we have created a template that faculty can use to document their results and reflect on how they can use this information for continuous improvement (FDU IDEA Self Reflection Form as word document) (FDU IDEA Self Reflection Form as pdf file). This will be very helpful for teaching portfolios and for setting the stage for discussion of results between faculty and chairs/directors.

Throughout the semester, IDEA Task Force members will be working within each college to conduct additional training and orientations. They will be in touch soon, and you should feel free to contact your college’s representatives for additional information (Becton: Wentworth, Burkholder; Silberman: Rozen, Behson; Petrocelli: Antoine, Durso; University: Velasquez, Zibulsky; Pharmacy: Rattinger)


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