Materials for Students

Here are links to a number of documents and resources that FDU students can use to learn about IDEA and how to make best use of our new online course evaluation system:

IDEA Quick Ref Guide for Students V02 This is a step-by-step guide for how to log in and fill out surveys

IDEA introduction letter for students Helpful introductory information

Here’s what the survey looks like, including all questions: IDEA Sample Student Evaluation

Finally, as to questions you may have about confidentiality and anonymity-

Students do log into IDEA using their FDU webmail ID and password, but are doing so on IDEA’s website, not FDU’s. This is done solely to ensure students are linked to surveys for the classes in which they are enrolled. When IDEA returns the data to FDU, it is scrubbed of all identifying information and FDU only receives anonymous, aggregated data. further, whenever there are fewer than 5 responses, no feedback is given to the instructor, so that student anonymity is maintained.



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