Case Study: The Professor With a 93% Response Rate

Meyyappan Narayanan, Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship, recently completed his 7 week MBA course. He was able to garner a 93% response rate on his student surveys. Here’s how he did it:

Dr. Narayanan used the materials provided here on this website and:

  • Printed out IDEA Quick Reference for Students and introduction letter for students and distributed these in class
  • Spent 3-5 minutes discussing the new surveys, telling students about the new longer format, and why their responses were so important. He also reminded them of the email their received from “FDU Course Evaluation Manager” and then reassured students that the surveys are anonymous and confidential and only aggregate responses are seen and used.
  • He asked students to bring a laptop, tablet or smartphone to class during the subsequent class session
  • During that next class session, he gave his class 15 minutes to fill out their surveys on their devices.
  • During this time, he left the classroom and remained out of sight until a designated student came to find him after all students completed their surveys
  • Because Dr. Narayanan is an untenured tenure-track faculty member, the previously-used Endeavor questions were added to his survey, meaning his students had over 60 questions to answer.
  • Despite this, just 15 minutes were needed for the class to take their surveys and 93% of his students completed the surveys.

In addition, Dr. Narayanan’s department chair, Dr. Ethne Swartz, was well-versed and supportive of IDEA and even invited a task force member to a recent departmental faculty meeting.


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